Personal Projects

Caldeira Project

Ambitious emulator project for the game “The 4th Coming” in active development since September 2010. I’ve been the second developer and project manager since November 2012. From 2015 and onward, this is now a single-person project I still enjoy to test and explore new technologies.

The goal of this project is to recreate a fully working backend for the existing client version 1.6x by replacing the old code running only on Windows with an ODBC database backed by Microsoft Access.

This project saw the creation of many sub-project all related to the tooling necessary to operate a T4C server and all the infrastructure required to support a more modern architecture.

  • Main server emulator
  • NPCScript (a simple NPC dialog scripting language)
  • DDA Editor (Client file format editor and visualiser)
  • DDA Compiler (Client file format compiler and decompiler)
  • Map Editor (Client map editor based on LibGDX)
Caldeira project header

Home lab V1

Research computer cluster used during my master thesis. The project has passed from the construction of the rack to the installation of all the hardware. The configuration includes 13 Dell PowerEdge SC1425, 2 Dell PowerEdge 2850, a Dell PowerVault 220S and an Infiniband QDR interconnect.

It has now served its purpuse and is no longer in operation.


Home server based on a Dell PowerEdge T620. It’s a 40 CPU cores and 512 GB of ram hypervisor running more than 40 VMs. It’s used for a range of machines from projects development to running smart home automation system.


Home sensor is a simple microcontroller based environmental sensors platform. Based on en ESP8266 microcontroller running Tasmota. The sensor collect and forward environmental data (Temperature, pressure, Air-quality, Light level etc) using inexpensive sensors found on the internet.

I designed a custom PCB using KiCaD and a 3D printed case using Sketchup Make to deploy them around my house. They’re now hooked into my home automation platform using MQTT and OpenHAB.

Silent Dimming

I long wanted to replace the buzzing lamp from my home Office. In the process, I found out about smart dimmer and the different technologie of main voltage dimming. I’ve played around with different dimmers (Leading-edge dimming and Trailing edge dimming) on my bench to learn more about them.

Smartify Ceiling fan

I turned my old non-smart fan into a smart Wi-Fi enable fan without even touching the ceiling fan itself. How ? By making a smart remote, using an ESP8266 microcontroller running Tasmota and dead-bug soldering it onto a second remote with a MCP23008 IO expander.