Personal Projects

Caldeira Project

Ambitious emulator project for the game “The 4th Coming” in active development since September 2010. I’ve been the second developer and project manager since November 2012.

The goal of this project is to recreate a fully working backend for the existing client version 1.6x by replacing the old code running only on Windows with an ODBC database backed by Microsoft Access.

This projects saw the creation of many sub-project all related to the tooling necessary to operate a T4C server and all the infrastructure required to support a more modern architecture.

  • Jeemulator
  • NPCScript
  • DDA Editor (Client file format)
  • DDA Compiler (Client file format)
  • Map Editor (Client map format)
Caldeira project header

Home lab

Operating a small computer cluster. The project has passed from the construction of the rack to the installation of all the hardware. The current configuration includes 13 Dell PowerEdge SC1425, 2 Dell PowerEdge 2850, a Dell PowerVault 220S and an Infiniband QDR interconnect.

PXE Platform

Research project on the creation of a platform for technical support and deployment of operating systems on a large scale using the PXE protocol stack.

Used as a network based utility platform for either new installation or to host live version of different OS and tools.