Jean-Pierre Deschamps Who am I ?

Personal Projects

Here's a list of my personal project in progress, over, research and stuff that I like to work on.

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Hydra Cluster

My favorite toy : Hydra is a small computer cluster assembled and installed at my home. The project has passed from the construction of the rack to the installation of all the hardware. The configuration includes 8 Dell PowerEdge SC1425, 1 Dell PowerEdge 6300 and a Dell PowerVault 220S.



Ambitious emulator project for the game "The 4th Coming" in active development since September 2010. I'm the second developer and project manager since November 2012.


NPCScript language is a sub-project linked to Astemul. It's a script language, a compiler and a runtime executor for non-player characters found inside the game.

DDA Editor

Application project to create a complete editor for the DDA/DPD/DID file format. This allows our team to change several graphics component of the game "The 4th Coming".

XML Editor

Prototype in design phase. This is an XML file editor build without any editing window. All editing window are generated from XSD schemas. The culmination of this project will be a translator WinForms / WPF <=> XSD.

NPC Simulator

Project to simulate real conditions using the scripting engine NPCScript.


TZ-RAO is a specialty software designed to assist a dispatcher to do his job. The application keeps track of all the teams working on the road, location of incoming call, communication trough skype VOIP interface and much more.

PXE Platform

Research project on the creation of a platform for technical support and deployment of operating systems on a large scale using the PXE protocol stack.