Jean-Pierre Deschamps Who am I ?

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Who am I ?

I am Jean-Pierre Deschamps, born 28 years ago in Canada in the beautiful province of Quebec. I currently live the beautiful city of St-Colomban, Québec, Gatineau, Baie-Comeau, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, Liège in Belgium, Saint-Hubert, Laval. I started my studies in Trois-Rivières and finished it at Sherbrooke University. After my first steps into the big league university, I became a passionate coder and currently studying an undergraduate at the Université Sherbrooke .
I occupy most of my time with my studies, my work, my projects and my personal life.

Personal Projects

My development environment mainly consists of the following software:
Eclipse, Visual Studio, Resharper, dotTraceSubversion, ANTRL, IDA.

I invite you to consult the list of my personal projects for more details about my various projects and work in progress.


College degree

I graduated from CÉGEP de Trois-Rivières in Computer Science. More specifically, I was in a double program from September 2006 to July 2010.

Bachelor degree

I also graduated from Université Sherbrooke in in Computer Science. I started my training in August 2010 and I graduate in December 2013.

Master degree

I'm now starting a research Master degree at Université Sherbrooke in Computer Science about parallel computing. I started it in January 2014.

My training spread over seven years covering several areas:

  • Programming
  • Analysis and design
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • OS
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Formal Languages
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Database management
  • Reverse engineering
  • Security and Cryptography

I learned several programming languages. I'm programming on a regular basis with Java and C#.
I also have experience with the following languages :
Delphi, C++, VB.NET, SQL, PL/SQL.

I can handle multiple database systems with different models, from the most rudimentary to the most transparent. I have developed several applications using the following systems :
MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL.

Professional Experience

Here is a summary of recent positions I have held.

Backend GameServer Programmer - Ludia - Montréal

Actual job since February 2015 !


  • Rewrite of network binary protocol encoder/decoder
  • Integration of Chinese 3rd parties SDK
  • Various high concurrency game servers modules
  • Scaling up the game infrastructure up to 1+ millions CCU
  • Build a cloud based infrastructure for automated load and stress test
  • A lot more to come...

Analyst Programmer - Clear2Pay - Diegem, Belgium

Last internship conducted from September 2012 to April 2013. I worked as a C# and Java/Android programmer in the OTS team.


  • Proof of concept of using an Android device to speak with a Point of Sale terminal using NFC
  • Integration of eggPlant and Robotium into GUI test application for Android
  • Performance tune up on a SEPA parsing application.

Analyst Programmer - Canimex - Drummondville

Second internship conducted from September to December 2011. I worked as a Delphi programmer.
Canimex is a leader in the manufacture and trade of power transmission components, mechanical and hydraulic products for various access systems, garage doors and machined metal parts, fabrications and assemblies.


  • Database porting from Paradox to MySQL of an application onto the new internal Platform.
  • Porting of a RMA application for another internal division of the company.
  • Interface modifications on a web application for container placement optimization.

Analyst Programmer - Bell Helicopter - Mirabel

First internship conducted from January to April 2011. I worked as a C# programmer in the BI Team.
Bell Helicopter is a global leader in the manufacture and technical support of commercial helicopters. I was part of the team in a business intelligence environment by SAP BusinessObjects.

Realizations :

  • Design and development of a metadata extractor application from a SAP Business Object platform to an Oracle database.

Analyst Programmer - ICO Technologies - Shawinigan

ICO Technology is a company that works in the accounting software with the software TargetPlus and in the computer-aided dispatch for fire and 911 services with their software TargetIncendie and Target911.

Realizations :

  • Bar-code printing module for TargetPlus.
  • QA and bug fixing

Analyst Programmer - Ordi-Transit - Drummondville

Ordi Transit, no longer in business, was developing plugins for accounting software for manufacturing and administration business.
I worked there briefly before closing in the summer of 2009 at the completion of management software for service business agriculture. Homemade software was coded with VB.NET.

IT Analyst – Canada Revenue Agency – Sherbrooke

First internship in college from May to August 2008

Responsibilities :

  • Provide technical support over the phone and on the floor - Level 1 technician
  • Maintain and update computer equipment of the agency
  • Follow the standards and procedures in place